Genetic diversity

Second year of SoBEx

body { text-align: justify} Overview The second year of SoBEx has been hard, since due to covid-19 restrictions our team was not able to work properly or conduct field research for all the species we study. What has been done So far we have conducted molecular/genetic analyses for most of the studied animal and plant taxa. We have also run several macroecological analyses so as to estimate the effects of climate change on these Critically Endangered species, as well as to estimate the percent overlap of these species’ distribution range with the NATURA 2000 protected areas network (PAs - gap analysis).

Population genetic variability and distribution of the endangered Greek endemic Cicer graecum under climate change scenarios

The Mediterranean hot spot includes numerous endemic and socio-economically important plant species seriously threatened by climate change and habitat loss. In this study, the genetic diversity of five populations of Cicer graecum, an endangered …

First year of SoBEx

body { text-align: justify} Overview During the past year, the SoBEx team, together with Yannis Alexiou, Gabriela Kelaidi and Chrysa Papadaki, three post-graduate students in UAMECO lab has been conducting field work in several Aegean islands (Figure 1), mainland Greek mountains (Figure 2) and lakes, so as to collect population and environmental data for the Critically Endangered Greek endemic animal and plant species (according to the IUCN).

Short-term vacancy

Job opening In our project entitled Species on the brink of extinction funded by the Hellenic Foundation for Research and Innovation (HFRI) and the General Secretariat for Research and Technology (GSRT) under grant agreement No 2418, we are offering one (1) short-term post-graduate position. Requirements If you are enthusiastic about working in the field, collecting plant samples and have (some) experience in and molecular/genetic techniques (especially in ISSRs), then you should probably consider to apply for this position.