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Plant Endemism Centres and Biodiversity Hotspots in Greece


Unravelling the small-island effect through phylogenetic community ecology

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I have taught the past five years the following undegraduate courses at the University of Patras:

  • PB: Plant Biology II
  • SPB: Special Topics in Botany

I have been part of the instructor’s team for the following postgraduate courses at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens:

  • BMP: Biogeography and Macroecological Patterns
  • IRP: An introduction to R and Python
  • SEM: Statistical and Ecological Modelling

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Aegean biodiversity

The Aegean archipelago hosts more than 8,000 islands and 3000 plant taxa.

Aegean biogeography

The Aegean archipelago is one of the largest archipelagos in the world and has long fascinated biogeographers due to its high environmental heterogeneity, complex palaeogeography, high diversity and endemism.

Plant systematics

Greece is a plant diversity hotspot at least in European scale and each year several new taxa are being described

Species on the brink of extinction

A research program dealing with the monitoring and conservation planning of the Greek endemic species facing extinction

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